About Me

  • Full Name:BAILLAHI Mohamed Lemine
  • Phone:+ 212 604295394
  • Email:baillahiamine@gmail.com
  • Website:click to win 😁
  • Address:Morocco Casablanca Bvd Zerktouni 2

Hello There!

I'm Lemine, a Software Engineer, and a FullStack developer, driven by curiosity and passion, these two have led me to discover new changing technologies, and build later innovative and sophisticated ideas.

My journey as a developer started before my graduation since my main focus was on "learning things by doing" and not on reciting boring subjects, started with C programming language, loved it, then i discovered the sparkling magic of Java, but coded too with PHP and others, did my first freelancing in same year, but programming wasn't only my thing, I loved always debating, puzzles (I play Chess, let's play together), sport and games, and to make my knowledge more solid, I started by the end of 2020 writing articles.

Let's discover more

  • Work Experience

  • Full-Stack Developer / Tech Lead

    Yakeey - March 2023 - Now

    Development of Loan‐as‐service solution for real estate loans.

    Helping in both frontend, backend sides, and sometimes in the project management and DevOps.

    • Tools : Java, Spring‐boot, Micro‐services, JUnit, Docker, AWS, React.js, Zustand, Testing, Clickup, Git, CI‐CD, Slack, Teamwork, Time Management, Project Management
  • React Native Developer

    Finamaze - Dec 2023 - March 2024

    Development and migration of an assets management mobile applicatio with a smart brokerage AI bot.

    • Tools : Javascript, React-Native, Zustand, Expo SDK, Expo EAS, Firebase, Flashlight monitoring, 3rd Party SDKs, Notion, Evernote, Git
  • Full-Stack Developer / Tech Lead

    Skypay - Jan 2023 - Nov 2023

    Worked as a full-stack developer on a mobile payment wallet, simplified, and user friendly with a smooth user experience and easy to use.

    Helping in both frontend and backend sides, and sometimes in the project management and DevOps.

    • Tools : Spring-boot, React, React-Native, Docker, Postgresql, Git
  • Full-Stack Developer

    Payment Center for Africa - Jan 2021 - Jan 2023

    I worked on many projects with PCA; banking and insurance mobile & web applications as Full-Stack developer and Project Manager in some projects.

    • Tools : Spring-boot, React, React-Native, Nodejs, Docker, Sql-Server, Postgresql, Git
  • Full-Stack Developer (Freelance)

    Confidential - Sept 2020 - Dec 2022

    In this experience, I've contributed to many projects, helped clients in their web and mobile solutions as below :

    • Video conference web app : React.js (frontend), Flask (backend), Git (code versioning)
    • Restaurant food delivery mobile app : React-Native (frontend), Spring-boot (backend)
  • Mobile Developer (Freelance)

    Abricot - Jun 2020 - Sept 2020

    It was about helping a growing startup build their mobile app and to go to market with a stunning mobile app ASAP.

    • Tools : React-Native, Expo, GraphQL, Jest testing, Git
  • Full-Stack Developer (Freelance)

    Confidential - Apr 2020 - Jun 2022

    I was engaged with a client from the US to contribute to build web based solutions such as Doctors appointment web application, and video conference web app. I contributed in both the front and the back sides.

    • Tools : Node.js, React.js, GraphQL, Jest testing, Docker, Git.
  • Web developer (End of studies internship)

    Payment Center for Africa - Feb 2020 - Jul 2020

    It was about creating the web version of an existing mobile banking wallet.

    • Tools : Spring-boot, React.js, Redux, Storybook, Git

  • Education

  • Software Engineer

    ENSIAS - 2017 - 2020

    It a great opportunity to discover and learn verious skills, technical and soft through many projects that test the student technically, time and tasks management with a flavor of entrepreneurship sometimes.

  • Certifications

  • Blockchain platforms

    The state of University of New York - August 2021

    Good times back then, discovered Blockchain, its platforms, process, security matter, decentralization, mining and a lot more in one complete course provided by Coursera in agreement with The state of University of New York

  • Containers & Kubernetes

    IBM - Dec 2019

    In the context of isolation and packaging applications, I discovered containers and K8s with a certified course provided by IBM.

  • React and ECMAScript

    IBM - Oct 2019

    For modular and single page web based applications, to transcend from JQuery and vanillajs to React.js, I got this light course certification from IBM.

My Services

Mobile Development

Settings up the project structure with clean code architecture, the use of latest and stable React-Native's ecosystem tools and by considering the app's performance and adaptability with different devices.

Web Development

Building your Web app with modern and performant programming languages and tools with React.js and its ecosystem in the Frontend side and Spring/Nodejs/Python in the backend.

AWS Cloud

I started using AWS in March 2020 as one of the best cloud services provider, I deployed backend services on EC2, stored documents in S3, used Macbook dedicated instance, published my own npm packages in AWS artifact, created my VPC, used their RDS especially postgresql, converted audio to text with AWS Polly ..

Project Management

Undestanding the client needs, manage the team with tools like Jira, Linear, Evernote, and be sure that the product is delivred in the adequat deadlines.


Creating custom CI-CD cycles from building until publishing your product code with github actions and gitlab custom pipelines with some DevSecOps experience.



Team Management90%

Project Management85%







My Work

A lot of projects real images aren't shared below for a confidentiality policy

Skypay mobile wallet

A money mobile wallet app

Tools : Spring-boot, Docker, Testing, React-Native, Git, Project Management

A gaming tournaments platform

Cross platform to manage e-gaming tournaments

Tools : React-Native, GraphQL, Git, Project Management


A B2B delivery solution

Tools : React-Native, Expo SDK, Expo EAS, GraphQL, Git

Blockchain Bond Issue

The first of its kind, web based bond issue application Tools : Spring-boot, Nodejs, React.js, Rabbitmq, Socket.io, Redis, Keycloak

An insurance platform

MAI insurance platform

Tools : Spring-boot, Postgresql, CMI, Docker, Sql-Server, SOAP client, JasperReports, FreeMarker, Minio, Keycloak

Whatsapp Banking

Whatsapp Banking Chatbot Tools : Nodejs, Redis, Spring-boot, MongoDB, Whatsapp provider gateway

Keycloak Customized Authentication Server

Keycloak SPIs customizations Tools : Java, Keycloak, Gradle


Contactless tokenization mobile app Tools : Java, Spring-boot, React-Native

Smart Compagnon

A smart bot for custom bank account operations Tools : React-native, Jest, Spring-boot, Postgresql, Git, Docker

Coupons Mobile app

Mobile app to collect and manage coupons Tools : React-Native, Expo CLI, GraphQL, Git

Doctor appointment web app

Web based app to book appointment with doctors Tools : React.js, Redux, Git

Post on Medium

The best way to learn something is by teaching it.

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Sep. 2nd 2021

Storybook for React.js UI components — PART 1

Storybook is an open source environment tool to build and test UI component in isolation, so you can test your UI components speedily

Nov. 30th 2020

Improve the UX of your React App with Skeleton Screens

In general, websites handle fetching data with different various ways like by showing a Spinner (the case of Netflix for example) ...

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